Tasks Right in your JIRA Issues

    Create Simple Todo Items right in your JIRA Issues. Place the new {task} macro in any field with a Wiki renderer (like Description or a Comment), and a new checklist item is added to the Issue.

    Quick Entry & Editing

    For quick entry of tasks, just add or edit a task directly from the Issue sidebar, or use the convenient keyboard shortcut "/t" to insert the {task} macro for you.

    Simply Click a Checkbox to mark items as Done

    No Need to edit an Issue to mark a Task as done. Simply click the checkbox and that's it. It doesn't get any easier than that.

    Task History & Audit Trail

    Tasks keep track of their own history, including who created a task, edited, checked or unchcked, or deleted it.

    Reusable Task Templates

    Have some repeatable tasks?
    Create a new Task template from an existing Issue, and insert it easily in any JIRA Issue from a convenient dropdown.

    Content Templates

    Need more than just tasks in your templates?
    Create a Content template with any markup you wish to accompany your tasks, from {panel} to bullet lists, and headings.

    Workflow Conditions

    Feeling paranoid about tasks not getting marked done before resolving an Issue? We've got you covered with a fancy Workflow condition that prevents exactly that.

    JIRA Automation Integration

    Integration with the JIRA Automation add-on gives you the ability to automatically insert tasks or templates into issues based on the rules you define.

    Agile & Service Desk Integration

    Integration with JIRA Agile and Service Desk allows you to see tasks from Agile Boards, or share Simple Tasks with your Service Desk users.

    Rich Text Editor Integration

    From JIRA 7.3 onwards we integrate with the JIRA Rich Text Editor. Just click a button to insert a task, or to convert existing content like bulleted lists to tasks when editing an Issue.

    "My Tasks" & "Project Tasks"

    All tasks that mention a user via standard JIRA mentions are collected in a convenient "My Tasks" view for each user. Of course, Tasks can mention as many users as you want.

    Full Text Search via JQL

    All Tasks are indexed and searchable via JQL. Find Issues with any tasks at all, with open tasks, or with resolved tasks easily through 3 separate JQL searchable fields.


    • Rendered Tasks

      Tasks can be placed inside Issue Descriptions or Comments, and show up as checkboxes inline.

    • Tasklist Templates

      Create reusable templates of tasks that can be easily inserted into JIRA Issues with a simple macro.

    • Simple & Quick Task Entry

      Inserting a task into an Issue is as easy as adding a {task} macro in the Issue Description, or entering the task in the sidebar and hitting the 'enter' key.

    • "My Tasks"

      Easily see all the tasks you're mentioned in, on one convenient screen.


    Server Price List

    10 Users $10
    25 Users $30
    50 Users $70
    100 Users $140
    250 Users $250
    500 Users $400
    2,000 Users $600
    10,000 Users $800
    10,000+ Users $800

    Server License Details

    First Year of Maintenance is Covered

    Server licenses entitle users to perpetual use. The first 12 months of maintenance, which includes updates and support, are included at no charge.

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you would like to discontinue use of Simple Tasklists, we offer a no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. Please note that this does not apply to our Starter Licenses.

    Discounts Available for Academic Institutions

    Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

    Free for Open Source and Non-Profits

    Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects and non-profits.

    How is a User Defined?

    A user is any user that can log into JIRA. Anonymous users may also be granted access and do not count against license totals.


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