The Simple Tasklists add-on is compatible with Atlassian JIRA 6.3 upwards.


    The Simple Tasklists plugin doesn't require any special configuration to work within your JIRA instance. Using Atlassian's marketplace system, a JIRA administrator can install the add-on without ever leaving the web browser.

    Easily install the add-on via Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager:

    Navigate to the "Add-ons" section within JIRA

    It can be found from the gear dropdown in the main JIRA header

    Search the Marketplace for 'Simple Tasklists'

    Click the Try or the Buy button, to buy the add-on or start your free 30-day trial.
    When prompted, login to your Atlassian account to acquire a license, or start your free trial. JIRA will download the add-on, and add your license key to it.


    Visit the Simple Tasklists Atlassian Marketplace page.

    On the marketplace page, click the Try it Free or the Buy it Now buttons and proceed to your Atlassian account to obtain a license key, and then continue with the Manual Install steps below.


    Use these manual install steps if you have a specific version of Simple Tasklists downloaded from the marketplace or provided by us for support reasons.

    In JIRA, navigate to the "Add-on" section.

    and then to "Manage add-ons"

    Click the upload button () and in the resulting file browse dialog, navigate to the jar file that you want to upload. Once the upload is done, you'll a confirmation dialog, letting you know the install finished.