Simple Tasklists works seamlessly withing JIRA Agile boards (Kanban and Scrum alike). The issue details view provides the same Tasks section as the regular issue screen.

    The interaction from Agile boards is the same as if you were viewing the issue standalone. You can insert tasks, use the {task} macro, insert templates, and mark tasks as done.


    Simple Tasklists provides limited integration with JIRA Service Desk. Service Desk Agents can use the Tasklist add-on like they would in any other project or JIRA issue. The Tasks section works as normal, and the {task} macro can be used the way you would in non-Service Desk projects.

    The only difference in Service Desk projects is that users can only see tasks in issue descriptions, and in public comments when viewing requests within the customer portal. This allows you to have private tasks that only Agents can see, as well as public tasks that you share with customers.

    Within the customer portal, Tasks render as read-only, to let users see the state of a task, but users cannot edit a task frmo the customer portal.