General Questions

    This is an add-on for JIRA that adds the ability to create simple, lightweight tasks within a JIRA issue.

    Tasks can be added via a new {task} macro anywhere within the issue description, issue comments, or any custom field using the JIRA wiki renderer.

    All tasks within an issue are automatically collected, and shown as a convenient tasklist, providing a quick overview of what is done, and what still needs to be done.
    The tasks created with the Simple Tasklist Plugin are much more lightweight than typical JIRA Subtasks. Think of them more like quick todo items, or checklists, that allow you to spell out more easily what steps are required to finish a particular JIRA Issue.

    As such, they are ideal to be used when tracking simple things like testing steps, deployments, or other lightweight tasks that don't require all the overhead that typical JIRA Subtasks bring with them.

    Additionally, you're not limited to where you can use Simple Tasklists. This means you could easily use them as part of your JIRA Subtasks as well!
    The Simple Tasklists plugin creates two new macros of type {task} and {tasklist} respectively.
    These two macros are automatically available in any field using the Wiki renderer such as issue descriptions, and comments.
    Tasks are automatically tracked in the JIRA database, and their checked state is saved there as well.
    The {task} macro lives inline of your issues, as part of the regular JIRA content. The plugin automatically resolves the macro when the issue renders.
    The state of each task (whether a task is checked or not) along with the history of each task is stored in the JIRA Database, independent of the actual task macro.
    All tasks created with this plugin are are automatically part of your backup strategy (you have a backup strategy, right??).
    Not at all.

    With the Atlassian Marketplace, you can install the add-on from inside of your JIRA server using your browser. You don't have to go to the server command line to copy files or configure XML files or anything like that.
    For more detailed steps, take a look at our documentation
    Absolutely not.
    Each JIRA issue has a Tasklist section with a simple text field for users to enter a task. Just type the text, hit enter, and the task is added. Simple as that.

    Simple Tasklists also integrates with the new JIRA Rich Text Editor in JIRA 7.3 and beyond. This allows users to just click a button in the editor to insert a task, or convert existing text to tasks within issue description or comments.

    For users on older JIRA instances, and without the new Rich Text Editor, the syntax for the macro is simple and looks like this:

       {task}this is a simple task{task}

    Alternatively, you can simply type /t in the Issue Description or Commenting field, and the {task} macro will be automatically inserted for you.
    It is a safe and well tested plugin.

    We test this on large JIRA instances with over 30,000 Issues, where some JIRA Issues have over 100 tasks.

    We have also been using it ourselves to keep track of several hundred test cases when we do our plugin testing.
    After you've added a task to the Issue description or a comment, your Issue Details screen will look similar to this:

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